ISO 21001 - Educational Organizations Management System

WHAT IS THE ISO 21001 - Educational Organizations Management System

Educational Organizations are those whose core business is the provision of educational products and educational services. Management System established in line with ISO 21001 demonstrates that educational organizations are able to support acquisition and development of competence through ‘teaching’, ‘learning’ and ‘research’ and they are further able to enhance ‘satisfaction of learners’ and ‘all interested parties’.
Training department of ‘larger organisation’ whose core business is not education, can also adopt this ISO 21001 standard . 

It does not apply to the Organization that only produce or manufacture educational products.

Risk based thinking is essential to achieve effective EOMS and opportunities can arrive as a result of a situation favourable to achieving an intended results, such as:

  1. Circumstance that allows to attract learners & other beneficiaries,
  2. Develop new product & services, 
  3. Reduce waste or improve productivity.

A positive deviation arising from risk provide an opportunity as well that is able to benefit and makes system effective

Why ISO 21001 - Educational Organizations Management Systemm

Number of professional educational organizations adopting ISO 21001 standard are increasing worldwide due the reasons: 

It offers effective management system for educational services and products that assures learners are satisfied

Adopting this standard ensures quality education to enhance the learning experience

Can implement measures for literacy rate, dropouts

Also can implement measures for staff qualification, CPD requirement, research for staff etc


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