ISO 20000 - Information Technology Service Management System

WHAT IS THE ISO 20000 - Information Technology Service Management System?

Services are everywhere, from the basic door to door delivery services to cloud-based anything-as-a-service and can be of any kind such as IT, healthcare, finance, transport, hospitality, maintenance, consultancy services etc and be provided by organizations as service providers of any type and size such as individuals, small and medium enterprises, big corporates, government agencies, commercial enterprises. and now due to emerging trend in digital transformation, IT component of business services has become an integral part of the entire business service.

International Standard ISO 20000-1 provides a structured way of preparing and performing the activities (which includes planning, design, transition, delivery and improvement of services) to deliver services to your customers in order to be able to control the effectiveness of the services provided and to keep customers satisfied.

Organization involves in service delivery process may set organization’s objectives and take strategic decision to plan and install a service management system (SMS) in accordance to ISO 20000-1 for effective and resilient services.

Why ISO 20000 - Information Technology Service Management System

ISO 20000 certification support organizations to meet the International standard of Products and Service they provide, Benefits of ISO 20000 certification are:

Cost Effective - Lower operating costs for service management

Customer Satisfaction- enhanced service experience

Effective Control over supply chain

Systematic Flow of Information


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